Picture of Timothy Davis

Cleansing The Church Ministries is a non-profit corporation that trusts God for the finances to advance the deliverance message to the Body of Jesus Christ.

Timothy Davis, the founder, has been in fulltime ministry since 1979. He is most noted as the author of the Cleansing Seminar and Cleansing Discipleship Seminar that hundreds of congregations around the world are using to minister and disciple their flocks. Timothy was born in 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Until he was born again at age 16 he was raised in the Greek Orthodox tradition serving as an altar boy. After hearing the salvation message at a local Christian church youth retreat, Timothy immediately responded and his new life in Jesus Christ began. After returning home from the retreat he began to attend one of the mainline Holiness churches seeking to find a home to mature in his new found faith.

During his senior year of high school, Timothy felt God calling him to fulltime service, and upon graduation he turned down a scholarship to law school and entered Olivet Nazarene University in Kankakee, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). Since college Timothy has experienced the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and is walking in the fullest expressions of a New Testament believer. While serving as a pastor in two Pentecostal denominations God began to use Timothy to minister to hundreds who were walking with spiritual bondage.

It was in 1990 that Timothy founded and incorporated Cleansing Stream Ministries. This ministry grew over the next eight years to be one of the most reliable resources available to minister to hurting people and disciplining mature believers to operate in the miracle gifts of deliverance and inner healing. Timothy resigned as president in 1998 and founded Cleansing the Church Ministries with the heart to take the cleansing message worldwide.

Today, the Cleansing Seminar, Cleansing Discipleship Seminar, and the Cleansing Our Youth Seminar continue to be the center of Timothy’s teaching. His anointing to set people free and his passion to train others for the harvest are at the core of his ministry. His church visits and personal ministry are attended by the Holy Spirit with the New Testament expression of miracles, wonders and signs.